About Us

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008


To be a preferred provider of Specialized Engineering Services in Steel Fabrication, Erection & Plant Maintenance to the small and large organizations in the Public and Private Sectors in and around Pakistan, and in the process makes our contribution in the economy by creating jobs and skills development.


To bring a new standard of quality, craftsmanship, safety and technical support at competitive price, while making customer satisfaction our top priority.

To work diligently to ensure our clients that their project has our full attention and absolute focus at all its stages.

Who We Are

Bashir Engineering & Works (Pvt) Limited (B.E.W), formerly “Bashir Engineering Services” established in the year 2002 as a Partnership firm has now with the inception in SECP had emerged as cluster of companies working together. Our ambitious family of subsidiary companies and field expert professionals offer a sea of expertise. We bring an innovative approach to projects with strict requirements and follow-through on every phase. Our collective commitment to our clients, people and the environment set us above and apart from our competitors. We have the parts to make any project whole, whether it is Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation or Inspection, B.E.W can fill nearly every phase of your project, so you can always work with a provider you know.
Today with our highly qualified team of experienced professional offering a comprehensive set of services. Our expertise covers the full scope of every stage in the lifecycles of the industrial construction projects.
B.E.W offers comprehensive Engineering Services to the Power, Cement, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Food, Mineral, Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Packages, Wood Panel, Rice, Sugar & Other industries as well as to commercial, residential and rural sector.


Our Customers:

Committing to their job satisfaction, development and well-being by treating them with respect, dignity and fairness. Our mantra “We open doors for our customers, not our employees”.

Customer Focus:

Striving to meet the unique needs of our customers, by tailoring each interaction to suit their job specific needs.

Customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction requires us to respond quickly to the constant changes all around us. We strive to create new value by organically mobilizing the technological capabilities and management resources, using our Philosophy, our Management System, and our belief in managing through a “bond of human minds.”


Taking responsibility for individual and team actions, decisions and results by establishing clear plans and goals and measuring our progress against them.


Practicing the highest standards of ethical behavior in all our projects of work and maintaining credibility by making certain that our actions always match our words.


Adopting a zero defect product/work and striving for zero accidents through proper training, work practices, risk management and adherence to safety regulations at all times.

Our Philosophy for safety is that any successful job or project is directly attributed to exceptional performance and well placed services. Our unmatched safety record is the outcome of avoiding less than desirable workmanship and errors associated with rushing, stress and poor work conditions. The majority of incidences are attributed to human error, thus minimizing or eliminating such conditions result in fewer incidents.

B.E.W management is committed to continuously develop and improve our safety programs to protect our team members on all job sites.


B.E.W is committed to maintaining a clean environment and as a consequence believes this will create the ability to operate in a disciplined and sustainable manner over the long term which is fundamental to maintaining a competitive advantage and honouring the deliverables of corporate governance.

Service Excellence:

We are big enough to do any job and small enough to be responsive!

Setting goals beyond the best, reinforcing high job quality performance standards and achieving excellence by implementing best job practices

B.E.W offers comprehensive Engineering Services to the Power, Cement, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Food, Mineral, Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Packages, Wood Panel, Rice, Sugar & Other industries as well as to commercial, residential and rural sector.
Our success lies to the innovation we bring to every project. We are up for the challenges- whether that’s a difficult curb side fix-it job or a turnkey project.
Our workshop is fully equipped for machining, pipe spooling, plant and general maintenance, structural steel and plate fabrication, light fabrication or sheet metal works.
We are Specializes in fabrication and erection for Process, Manufacturing & Heat intensive Energy & Power Plants machine elements such as Material conveying systems, Crushing systems, Chutes, Hoppers, Dust collection, Overhead cranes , Machinery and piping supports, Metal Roofing and Siding, Facility retrofit, Louvers, Maintenance and repair, Platforms, Catwalks, Railings, Ladders, Grating etc as well as Industrial boiler repair, maintenance, and retrofit, Soot blowers, Injection systems, Shielding, repairs and replacement of superheat, reheat and economizer elements, Precipitators, Bag house, Scrubbers, Heat exchangers, Air heaters, Headers, Feed water heaters, De-aerators, Stacks and duct work, Ash conveying systems, Pressure vessels, Dampers, ID, GR, FD, SA and PA Fans
No matter the size or complexity of the project, B.E.W has the staff, experience and equipment necessary for the job. B.E.W has excelled for more than one & half decades, and has outstanding core values and an uncompromising drive to be an industry leader.